Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English


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Oxford American English Dictionaries for learners of English




Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate (B1-B2)

  • In-depth treatment of over 22,000 words, phrases and meanings
  • Informed by the 85-million-word Oxford Corpus of Academic English, which includes a broad range of textbooks and academic journals from 26 different disciplines within the subject areas of humanities, social sciences, life sciences and physical sciences
  • 50,000 corpus-based examples show words in genuine academic contexts and help students use words correctly
  • Academic Word List words marked, showing students the most important academic words to learn first
  • 690 collocation notes, with full-sentence examples, show over 26,000 collocations and word patterns
  • 80 Thesaurus notes, Grammar Points and Which Word? notes
  • Language Banks help with functions such as linking ideas and describing trends
  • 48-page Oxford Academic Writing Tutor with model texts and writing tips helps students structure and write a variety of assignments, including essays and dissertations
  • The Oxford Academic iWriter on the CD-ROM, an interactive version of the Writing Tutor, provides frameworks for students to write their own assignments
  • 47-page reference section includes information about academic grammar, as well as punctuation, numbers and measurements, help with irregular verbs and a list of geographical names with pronunciation


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